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Sep. 23rd, 2012 01:53 am
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Deck 1

Masamune: Starter Pin. Psych: Shockwave [P]
Croc Leisure: Obtained in W1D1's mission. Psych: Healing [30%, Cure Immobility]
Pop Pendulum: Obtained in W1D1's mission. Psych: Patrol Rounds [N]. Psych unable to be used by Grovyle.
Fiery Spirit, Spirited Fire: Obtained in W1D2's mission. Psych: Pyrokinesis [N]. Psych unable to be used by Grovyle.
Thunder Pawn: Obtained in W1D5's mission. Psych: Spark Core [N]. Psych unable to be used by Grovyle.


500Y x3
Rare Metal x1 (1)


Psych Capabilities )
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Name: Sword
Personal Journal: [personal profile] swordianmaster
Contact Info: katarani@gmail.com, Bahamut725 @ AIM, [plurk.com profile] kataranisword
Timezone: CST
Characters Played: None, it's a new game :V


Name: Grovyle
Source: Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Explorers of Sky (OU)
Type: Player
Canon Point: Near the end of Special Episode 5, right before the future world magically refuses to vanish in a puff of logic.
History: Canon info via Bulbapedia. Grovyle 'died' as a result of the future ceasing to exist when the past was changed; in this version there was no miraculous last-minute asspull by Arceus to make a happy ending.
Personality: Grovyle is very goal-oriented, and is a pragmatist through and through. He can read well enough into the nature of others to know when explanations are merely a waste of time, and has strong enough convictions that he doesn't mind playing the villain as needed if it's for a good much larger than himself, as he did when stealing the Time Gears.

Despite that, while his pragmatism allows him to be realistic when it comes to circumstance, he's almost naively optimistic towards the people he meets, believing that yes, there is good in everyone as long as you're willing to dig deep enough to find it. This even extends to his most bitter of enemies, as he openly put faith in Dusknoir's sense of decency, even as the ghost-type claimed he would rip Grovyle's soul out of his body and use the lifeless husk as a double-agent.

Rounding out the self-sacrificing nature and naivete, Grovyle is also somewhat socially awkward; in the world he was raised, conversation partners are few and far between, as most pokémon are more interested in attacking you than making friends. In turn, he comes across as rather cold and abrasive, even though he means well.
Abilities: Aside from being a Pokémon, Grovyle was raised in a desolate, apocalyptic world. As of such, most of his abilities are tailored to fighting, from his pokémon abilities to his occasional use of guerrilla tactics. He's not had much time to explore other hobbies, naturally.
Entry Fee: In addition to any non-standard pokemon abilities (Dig will still be available since it's just the power to, well, dig, and Leaf Blade will be covered by pin use), Grovyle's entry fee is "the future". As nebulous as it sounds, the only thing that kept Grovyle going was the promise that what he was doing would bring about a future worth living in. In turn, his memories have been altered so that he believes he failed in his task and that the world will truly end up in the state he knows it in.
Starting Pin: Masamune, used akin to Leaf Blade.
Samples: (Test Drive meme and Dear Mun post)


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